Monday, January 31, 2011

GPULib 1.4.4 released!

We are pleased to announce that GPULib 1.4.4 is available from the Tech-X website.

The following changes have been made for version 1.4.4:
  • Support for CUDA 3.2 (rather than CUDA 3.2 rc2)
  • Added more extensive checks for issues in GPUINIT.
  • Added ability to transpose 1-dimensional arrays like TRANSPOSE does.
  • Now handles ranges, index arrays, and * in any indexing position of an array in the same manner as IDL.
  • Now can use single-dimensional indexing for multi-dimensional arrays.
  • Trying to create a view from discontinuous memory is now disallowed.
  • Fixed garbage collection issue with repeated assignment to the same variable name.
  • Fixed an issue whereby multiple calls to GPUINIT were causing cudaErrorSetOnActiveProcess errors.
  • Fixed memory allocation bug in GPUTRANSPOSE.
  • Fixed typo in GPUMATRIX_MULTIPLY.
  • Added unit tests for GPUTRANSPOSE, GPUMAXOP.
  • Now prints an error message when trying to create a view from discontinuous memory.
  • Fixed build issue on Mac OS X Leopard.
  • Fixed several install issues for Windows when building from source.
  • Improvements to the QuickStartGuide for Windows.
  • Fixed getDimensions bug for certain views.
  • Added error checking for changing dimensions.
  • Fixed memory leak in GPUFFT.
  • Fixed errors in GPUMAXOP.
  • Fixed failing unit tests of GPUMAXOP.
  • Added missing demo file to install list.
  • Fixed digital signing of installer file. 
  • Fixed disappearing graphic in transform3d demo.
  • Corrected IDL_LIBDIR path.
  • Fixed path of file gpulib_version.txt in CMakeLists.txt.
  • Fixed full reduction in GPUTOTAL.
  • Fixed -fPIC warnings when building from source on Windows.
  • Fixed color table issue in GPU_SWIRL_DEMO.
  • Added "press q to stop" option to GPU_FDTD_DEMO.
  • Fixed flipped image in GPU_DECONHUBBLE_DEMO.

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