Monday, November 15, 2010

GPULib 1.4.2 released!

We are pleased to announce that GPULib 1.4.2 is available from the Tech-X website.

For Windows users, the installer contains the following pre-built versions of GPULib 1.4.2:
  1. 32- or 64-bit single precision (compute capability 1.0) built with CUDA 3.2
  2. 32- or 64-bit double precision (compute capability 1.3) built with CUDA 3.2
  3. 32- or 64-bit Fermi (compute capability 2.0) built with CUDA 3.2
(As before, Windows users can opt to build GPULib from source if they so desire).

The following changes have been made for version 1.4.2:
  • Fixed make install so that appropriate files are now installed.
  • All demos cleaned up and numerous memory leaks fixed.
  • Created a new comprehensive PDF for Windows users, covering general use as well as how to build from source.
  • Windows installation now includes all source files in a zip archive, so that users who are not building from source do not have their install folder cluttered with source files.
  • gpuinit() now displays amount of free memory as well as total memory available on the device.
  • Fixed bug in GPUMATRIX_MULTIPLY. 
  • Fixed several small bugs and memory leaks.

We are grateful to Mort Canty and David Grier for submitting bug reports which led to fixes for this release!

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