Wednesday, May 1, 2013

GPULib 1.6 released

Now available for download from the Tech-X website, GPULib 1.6 offers some exciting new features and a lot more stability. Here’s the brief rundown of what's new:

  • All platforms, Windows, Linux, and OS X, are now distributed as binaries. No building from source required!
  • Added wrappers for MAGMA, a GPU accelerated LAPACK library. This makes over 100 low-level linear algebra routines available. In addition to these low-level routines, we have one high-level routine, GPUINVERT, that is similar to the IDL routine LA_INVERT. We intend to write analogs to the rest of the LA_ IDL routines as well. This feature requires the Basic membership plan.
  • GPULib can now load and execute custom CUDA kernels without having to link to GPULib; you just compile your kernel to a .ptx file. GPULib provides routines to load and execute that kernel at runtime. This feature requires the Basic membership plan.
  • Support for CUDA 5.0.
  • Added support for up to 8-dimensional arrays. This is basic support for higher-dimensional arrays in GPULib, not every routine understands them yet.
  • Added optimized scalar/array operations. No more tricks just to add a scalar to an array!
  • Fixed bugs in GPUHISTOGRAM and GPUHIST_2D.
  • Fixed bugs in GPUATAN2 for complex and double complex.
  • Fixed bugs in GPUREAL.

I have planned a few more posts with details and examples about some of the big features above, like the MAGMA wrappers and the custom kernels.

A lot of work was done on infrastructure to make releasing an easier process, hopefully resulting in more frequent updates in the future. We have plans for some very exciting features in the coming year!

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