Tuesday, November 17, 2009

GPULib 1.2.2 Released

GPULib 1.2.2 is now available from the Tech-X website

We've made extensive changes to the build system, which is now cleaner and more robust. Full release notes follow.

Build system changes 
- Added --with-extra-nvcc-flags=... to configure which allows extra flags to be passed to nvcc.
- If --prefix is not set, make install will fail gracefully, instead of attempting to install in /.
Fixed --with-matlab-dir=... configure option.
- Added IDL and MATLAB configuration info to config.summary to make it easier to troubleshoot problem.
- Added several missing Windows build files.
- Removed several obsolete files and directories. 
- Running 'make clean' will not affect documentation.
- Running 'make install' will properly build code if not already built.
- Install directory is now laid out properly.
- Fixed "No rule to make target `docs/GPULib_UsersGuide.pdf', needed by `all-am'" error.

IDL  changes  
- Fixed bug whereby FFT was only operating on a single row.
- Fixed bug whereby GPUPOW was not found.
- Corrected bwtest example.
- Fixed time reporting for FDTD demo.
- Fixed typo in FDTD demo README.

MATLAB changes 
- Added potential to specify the device number form gpuInit() and accInit().
- Fixed Bug in gpuSet function.
- Fixed Makefile which was incorrect for 32-bit Linux.


Michael Galloy said...

Mort Canty was able to build GPULib 1.2.2 on Windows.

Anonymous said...
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