Thursday, November 6, 2008

GPULib 0.5 is now available

We've just released a new version of GPULib.  Version 0.5 is available at

The interface continues to improve for both IDL and MATLAB.  We've also made the package much easier to build; once you have CUDA installed, you should be able to build the software with a much more familiar 

tar -xvzf gpulib-0.5.tar.gz
cd gpulib-0.5

Also, this version of GPULib should build easily on Mac OS X as well, with the same steps as above.  With Apple using CUDA-enabled NVIDIA graphics chips in its new MacBook and MacBook Pro releases, this should allow even more users to begin using the GPU for number crunching.

For both Linux and OS X, the configure script will do its best to find IDL and MATLAB automatically.  If you don't have IDL or MATLAB, you can disable building those bindings.  See the README file for full details.

Once you have the package built, running

make check

will run a series of demos for IDL, MATLAB, and C.  The latter is currently just a skeleton, but we'll be adding more C examples soon.

Finally, many users have been asking for better documentation.  We're still working on the User's Guide, but in the meantime both the IDL and MATLAB APIs have much better documentation than the previous release.  If you run

make html

GPULib will generate comprehensive documentation for the IDL bindings, contained in gpulib-0.5/IDL/docs.  MATLAB users can run

help gpuArray

and browse the API and related documentation directly in MATLAB.

As always, feel free to leave questions, comments, feature requests, etc. in the comments, or email us at


Mort Canty said...

Sounds great. What about building under XP?



Nathaniel D. Sizemore said...

@mort canty

Mort, thanks for the interest! I'm looking at the Windows build in more detail today -- you're not the only person that's been asking about it. :-)