Thursday, February 21, 2008

Technology preview version 0.3 released

Later today we will release the latest technology preview of the GPULib (version 0.3). This version now contains at least prototypes for all the language bindings (IDL, MATLAB, Python and Java) and many new functions (various collective operations, conditionals, random number generator and more) that should all make it easier to develop algorithms that can keep data on the GPU for as long as possible.

As the name suggests, this is neither a full version nor a full release, but it will give you the opportunity to play around with the library, see if your algorithm could take advantage of a GPU and provide us feedback on missing kernels/functions, surprises you've encountered during installation and use, and hopefully success stories.

We're looking forward to hear from your,



flape said...

Hi,could you please provide build script for windows matlab version od GPULib? Would be greatly appreciated.

Tim Davies said...

Are there any multi gpu examples to run and benchmark on our system
It has 6 teslas

Nathaniel D. Sizemore said...

@tim davies -- Sorry for the long delay in responding, I had our comment notification mis-configured. Unfortunately, GPULib doesn't yet support multiple GPUs. It's something we certainly like to have in the near future, and I'll be sure to announce it when we have something. Thanks for your interest!